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Targeted Email Marketing

Now all email campaigns come with  a 3% click rate guarantee! has partnered with a leading US based online marketer. Now, with, you can target your email advertising campaign for maximum accuracy and impact, ensuring that your ads make the right impression. Choose adult or targeted mainstream email ads from the categories below.

Affiliate Programs Female


Small Business


IT Professionals Sports
Business Opportunities Free Stuff Magazines


Clothing-Catalogs Gambling


Systems Administrators

College Students

Gifts Mp3 Tax Preparation
Credit Cards Health and Fitness Multi-level marketing Web Design
Debt Consolidation Home Mortgages Music Web Hosting Services
Early Adopters Home Owners Networking Webmasters
E-commerce Internet Security Office Supplies  
Education Internet Shoppers Sales Management  
Entertainment Intranet Seniors  

Or, for Adult website Email Marketing,
Choose the Adult packages here

By using our technology, you can send a standalone (solo) email message to as many as 5.8 million people. Every name in our database belongs to an U.S. Internet user who has come to partner sites and asked to receive email offers about topics of interest.  In other words, these email lists are 100% opt-in.

We automatically format your message to be no more than 60 characters per line.  Internet marketers have found that this format is the most appealing for those receiving the message.

Our technology also enables you to monitor your email campaign statistics in real time.  These stats include:

     • How many emails sent
     • How many emails opened
     • How many clicked through on a link in your message

Remember, these are all 100% Opt-In Email Addresses

Indeed, this cannot be understated.  100% Opt-In emails means that these individuals have agreed to received your targeted message.  You cannot be accused of spamming anyone!  What could be better!

And we do the mailing for you!

Check out just a few of the benefits of 100% opt-in email marketing:

  • No more fear of spamming!
  • No more email extraction software that doesn't work as advertised!
  • No more "bulk friendly" ISP's that overcharge and under deliver!
  • No need to spend an "eternity" and fortune building your own opt-in mailing list!

We currently prefer that the email ads be primarily text, as opposed to rich HTML.  You are free to insert links to your web site, or ad page, for example, but documents that are heavily HTML coded are not read properly by every receiver's email program.  Also, we request that you keep your message to no more than 600 characters.

If you have any questions regarding the format of your message, please contact us at here (with the message if you like).

The following are the target categories from which you can choose:

(We also offer Adult Targeted Email Packages - See Here!)

Select the package that you wish to purchase from the price list table here, after which you will be asked all the necessary information to get your email ad campaign started.  It's really that simple!

targeted email, bulk  e mail , bulk mail, traffic suppy terms - buy web site traffic hits
1. click here for Adult Targeted Emails
2. click
here for other Non-Adult Email packages

Targeted Mainstream
Email Marketing Packages

25,000 Targeted Mainstream Messages Sent $99.98 Get Started!
50,000 Targeted Mainstream Messages Sent $159.97 Save 10%!
100,000 Targeted Mainstream Messages Sent $249.98 Save 15%!
250,000 Targeted Mainstream Messages Sent $498.99 Save 20%!
500,000 Targeted Mainstream Messages Sent $895.97 Save 25%!
1,000,000 Targeted Mainstream Messages Sent $1699.89 Save 30%!
click here for Other Non-Adult E-Mail Ad Packages

Adult Targeted
E-mail Marketing Packages

25,000 Adult Messages Sent $109.98 Get Started!
50,000 Adult Messages Sent $175.97 Save 10%!
100,000 Adult Messages Sent $274.98 Save 15%!
250,000 Adult Messages Sent $545.98 Save 20%!
500,000 Adult Messages Sent $985.87 Save 25%!
1,000,000 Adult Messages Sent $1869.98 Save 30%!
click for here non-adult/mainstream emails 


For PayPal payments, please click on the appropriate PayPal payment button. You will be taken to a secure server where you can make your purchase.  Afterwards, you will be automatically redirected to our Order Confirmation Form where you will be asked to provide the necessary information to get your campaign started.

If you are not properly directed, you can access the Order Confirmation Form by Clicking Here.

  If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at here

By placing an order, you indicate that you have read and accept our Terms of Service

Need a Different Amount or Larger Order? No Problem!     Please  Contact Us

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